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Tonight's The Night to Write!

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Write_Night was created for the creator on a schedule. If you've a love of your craft but have to delegate the time you give to it, we can help you keep to your schedule, as well as give good positive critiques on your piece if you chose to post.

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One of the intentions of this community is to give authors a place to receive feedback for their pieces. This is not limited to the most recent posts; any post can be commented on at any time. It would be a marvelous thing to receive some constructive criticism from a new member on a piece that's been up for months, or even years. So, on that note, I encourage you all to go back when time and gumption allows, and drop a line in any existing piece, regardless of how new or old it might seem. Everyone will appreciate the effort, most especially the authors themselves. Since many of you are authors and submitters here, this means I am talking to you. :D

Enjoy the told tales and the sensational stanzas, if you please, and happy reading.